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When you find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney, you can’t afford not to have the best legal representation possible.  In Connecticut, you’ll find that representation with the attorneys at Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C.

The law firm of Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C. has represented individuals, families, and businesses throughout Connecticut for over 40 years. 

Through our conveniently located office in downtown Milford on the Milford green, our attorneys handle a wide range of cases, including personal injury, real estate, probate litigation, bankruptcy, elder law and special needs planning. Whatever your legal needs are, our attorneys can help.

Our firm has been in the community since 1975, and our attorneys have successfully resolved thousands of cases.  We enjoy a loyal and ever-growing client base and our many client referrals signify the successful results we have achieved, as well as our clients’ satisfaction with our level of service and personal attention.

Milford Personal Injury Law Firm

In Milford, Harlow, Friedman & Adams, P.C., is your source for high-quality personal injury litigation. With more than 40 years of experience serving the area, a convenient downtown location, and a renowned level of service, our team is an excellent resource for you after you suffer injuries or property damage. We help individuals and families get back on their feet after injurious accidents, with hard-hitting litigation to fight for fair compensation. We have what you need to learn your rights and legal opportunities.

Milford is between Bridgeport and New Haven, situated on the Housatonic River. Milford’s shoreline faces Long Island South. The city is part of the New York-Newark Combined Statistical Area. Milford had an approximate population of 51,270 people at the most recent census. There are five fire stations in Milford, an accredited police department, and several hospitals and medical centers. The Milford Hospital on Seaside Avenue is one of the most popular facilities, as is the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

After a car accident, slip and fall, animal attack, construction site incident, or other types of a personal injury accident, your number one priority should be to seek medical attention for your injuries. Put your personal health and safety first and foremost after any type of accident. Even if you don’t feel injured, go to a local Milford hospital for a professional opinion. You may have sustained an injury such as a concussion but have delayed or no symptoms. Keep your medical bills, documents, and records relating to your injury.

Once you’ve received treatment for injuries, talk to our lawyers in Milford. Feel free to give us a call even before you report the incident to your insurance company. We can help prepare you for conversations with insurance claims adjusters and give you an idea of what your claim could actually be worth. If we believe your accident has merit as a personal injury claim in Milford, we may offer to represent you during settlement negotiations and/or litigation. We excel at maximizing compensation awards for our clients.

When to Contact Our Team

In Connecticut, the leading causes of hospital emergency room visits are injury and poisoning. Suicide is the leading cause of injury-related death. Other common causes of injury and death in the state are falls and motor vehicle accidents. Not all personal injuries will culminate in lawsuits. However, those that involve someone else’s act of negligence, wanton disregard for others’ safety, or intentional act of harm are often eligible for legal action.

If our team believes your recent personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one has merit as a PI claim in Milford, we can help you file a civil claim against the appropriate party or parties. You may be eligible for compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There are specific deadlines (two years from the date of injury) you must obey, as well as other filing requirements. Our team can make the process easy for you and your family. Start with a confidential consultation at our Milford office. Schedule yours online or call (203) 878-0661.

*No up-front fees and no fees unless we win are contingent on types of personal injury cases. Please inquire for more details.

Our goal is to provide the best representation possible within our areas of practice, at reasonable costs to our clients.

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Our many client referrals signify our successful results, as well as our level of service and personal attention.

Record Results

Our firm has been in existence for over 40 years and we enjoy a loyal and ever-growing client base.


Contact us today for a free *personal injury consultation. There are no upfront fees.

No Upfront Fees*

Record Results

Our many client referrals signify our successful results, as well as our level of service and personal attention.


Our firm has been in existence for over 40 years and we enjoy a loyal and ever-growing client base.

No Upfront Fees*

Contact us today for a free *personal injury consultation. There are no upfront fees.

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start a case evaluation here

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Your firm was a pleasure to work with. Each of you worked to secure me the best possible settlement and I am very grateful.

- Barbara

Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice is focused on representing plaintiffs (injured parties) after serious accidents. We help our clients recover from their injuries, deal with insurance companies on their behalf, pay medical and other bills, and secure the compensation they deserve. We serve clients in all areas in Connecticut, including Bridgeport, Milford and New Haven.


We assist both individuals and businesses in preparing for filing for bankruptcy. We have significant experience with the entire process, with Connecticut bankruptcy courts, and can handle any type of bankruptcy and any situation.

Estate Planning and Probate Litigation

At Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., we provide a full range of estate planning services from drafting wills and complex trusts to probate litigation. Probate laws differ in every state, thus, having an experienced attorney on your side is extremely important.

Special Needs Planning

Parents and siblings of people with special needs face a different set of challenges than other families. Hospital visits, therapies, and lifelong care both as a child and through adulthood are all realities that must be addressed. While there are benefits and programs that help relieve some of the costs, long-term planning is essential. Our attorneys are here for these families to help plan for the future and ensure that loved ones with special needs are taken care of.

If you need an attorney in Connecticut, contact the law firm of Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C. We offer free consultations, in most cases, and would be happy to discuss your legal situation with you and give you advice or options, risk free.

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