Motorcycles are compact, practical, and have great fuel economy. For many people, they are the ideal vehicles for daily commutes or leisurely rides through Connecticut. Unfortunately, these smaller vehicles are dangerous for riders who are exposed to major risks. Motorcyclists must watch for negligent or distracted drivers, roadway defects, and poor weather that could jeopardize the ride and end in tragedy. As the victim of a motorcycle accident, come to the Bridgeport motorcycle accident lawyers at Harlow, Friedman & Adams, P.C.

In Connecticut, you have two years from the date of your motorcycle accident to file a personal injury claim with the civil courts. After this deadline, the courts can refuse to hear your case. Don’t wait. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible after an accident in Bridgeport to hear your options and discuss legal opportunities. The sooner you start your claim, the sooner you may receive compensation for myriad damages. Our team of personal injury lawyers can help you move forward after a damaging crash.

Who Is Responsible?

There were 39 motorcycle crashes in Bridgeport in 2014 – the most recent year data is available. Two of these local accidents were fatal, and 29 resulted in injuries. There were 47 fatal motorcycle accidents total throughout the state in 2014, and 907 injury crashes. At Harlow, Friedman & Adams, P.C., we believe one accidental death is too many. Almost all motorcycle accidents are preventable. They occur due to someone else’s negligence – another driver, a roadway maintenance crew, the city, a product manufacturer, and/or several other parties. It is up to you to pursue compensation from these parties.

When a person or entity contributes to a motorcycle crash, victim(s) may recover through the civil justice system. One of the first steps a victim must take is to name the defendant(s) who caused or contributed to the accident. A thorough investigation of the accident can help identify these parties. There is often more than one party involved, such as two different drivers or a driver and a product manufacturer. Whatever the case, a law firm can help determine the defendant(s) and begin the claims process.

Directly after your crash, you may speak with your insurance company and/or the other driver’s insurer. The insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to investigate your claim and possibly offer you a settlement. Do not feel pressured to accept the first settlement offer or to agree to record a statement with the claims adjuster. The insurer may use your statement against you later. Instead, contact an attorney who will be on your side during settlement negotiations. An attorney will help you argue for maximum compensation.

Motorcycle Accident in Bridgeport? We Can Help

Common injuries in a motorcycle accident include broken bones, road rash, traumatic tattooing, head and brain injuries. Our Bridgeport brain injury attorneys understand the significance of brain injuries as well as the other common injuries. Victims may face high medical costs, lost time at work, great pain and suffering, and expensive property damage. After dealing with so much after a motorcycle accident, shift the weight from your shoulders and put it on someone else. Leave it to our attorneys to handle your claim, communicate with insurance companies, and fight for just and fair compensation.