In an evolving city such as New Haven, construction projects never end. Historic buildings need revitalizing, roads need restoring, and new projects abound. While active construction is a sign of economic health, it also increases accident risks for workers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. When construction projects go awry, our construction accident lawyers in New Haven are available to help.

Construction Projects in New Haven

New Haven has enjoyed a resurgence of economic activity since the millennium. Revitalization projects are transforming the city piece by piece. Some of the latest projects in the area include:

  • New Haven home project. Yale School of Architecture students recently collaborated with Columbus House to build a two-family home on Adeline Street as a housing-shortage solution concept.
  • Taco Bell construction. The New Haven neighborhood of Westville is getting a new Taco Bell on Amity Road in a rapid turnaround construction project. While seemingly small, many chain store construction and renovation projects change the layout of the area each year.
  • New library for New Haven. Wright Construction Services, Inc. is building seven new libraries in the Scenic Regional Library system including one in New Haven. In 2018, locals will have a new place to discover books.
  • Yale-New Haven Health facility. In early October, New Haven Health Services Corp. unveiled a plan to build a warehouse and distribution center on a 117-acre lot on Derby Ave. If all goes according to plan, the new facility will open in early 2019.
  • Ongoing roadwork. Road construction is a never-ending job in many cities across America. Residents can learn the latest on road construction in and around New Haven via the Department of Transportation’s regularly updated construction news page.

These projects showcase the diversity in construction projects throughout New Haven. New projects pop up all the time, ranging from small installations to major transformations.

Construction Accidents in New Haven

Serious construction accidents in New Haven are few and far between. One notable accident in recent years occurred when a piece of heavy equipment struck a man working on a sewer line along Route 1 in 2016. He died from serious bodily trauma.

Construction accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Falls from a height, being struck, being caught between objects, and being electrocuted account for OSHA’s “fatal four” causes of death in the industry. Other accidents cause debilitating injuries that prevent workers from returning to the job. Hazardous equipment, the structure collapses, and worksite carelessness can lead to injuries including amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and fractures.

Some incidents, especially in urban environments, affect passersby and site guests. Falling objects, poorly installed scaffolding and equipment-malfunction incidents can impact people near construction activities in the city. Our New Haven premise liability lawyers believe the construction companies may be held responsible for these kinds of injuries.

Pursuing a Construction Accident Claim in New Haven

Depending on the accident, a construction company, third-party contractor, property owner, equipment manufacturer, or another party may face liability. A careful investigation can uncover the true cause of an accident and may improve an injured individual’s ability to recover compensation.

At Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., we represent injured construction workers and others involved in construction incidents around New Haven. We offer workers’ compensation guidance, wrongful death claim support, and conventional personal injury representation. After a serious or deadly construction accident, you may need a reputable and local injury attorney on your side. Call us at (203) 878-0661 for a complimentary case evaluation.