At first glance, New Haven seems like a great city for pedestrians and bicyclists. Its numerous sidewalks and nine-square grid layout seem like they would support an active, non-motorized population. In reality, New Haven has some of the highest rates of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the state. A lack of reliable crosswalk signals and careless driving behaviors frequently contribute to serious accidents throughout the city.

The attorneys at Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C. represent pedestrians and bicyclists in local accident claims. We understand the shortcomings of New Haven’s pedestrian and bicycle amenities, the local and state laws governing non-motorized traffic, and the devastating impact a preventable accident can have on an unsuspecting resident or visitor.

Overview of Pedestrian Accidents in New Haven

According to information from the Connecticut Crash Data Repository, 138 pedestrian collisions took place on a roadway during 2016. Two took place on the shoulder of a road, two took place on the roadside, six took place in a parking zone, two took place off a roadway, and one took place outside a right-of-way for a grand total of 151 pedestrian collisions.

The most dangerous roads in New Haven for pedestrians include US-1, Connecticut-10, Chapel Street, and Whalley Avenue. Dangerous intersections include where North Frontage Road and York Street intersect and where State Street and Bradley Street cross. The corner of Whalley Avenue and Ella T Grasson Boulevard has also earned a less-than-favorable reputation for pedestrians.

Overview of Bicycle Accidents in New Haven

In recent years, the city of New Haven has taken several steps to make the community more bike friendly. Riders today have access to mixed-use paths, bike lanes, intersection bike boxes, and bike racks. Statewide “Share the Road” campaigns have raised awareness about the three-feet passing rule in the state. While New Haven has taken significant strides to improve the bike-friendliness of the city, the occasional accident still occurs.

When vehicles fail to share the road and bicyclists ignore the rules of the road, crashes happen. Bike accidents can be serious and result in life-threatening injuries – usually for the bicyclist involved. In April of 2017, a drunk driver hit and killed a bicyclist along Ella T. Grasso Boulevard in a devastating hit-and-run accident. During the same month, a motorcyclist collided with a bicyclist who was traveling in the wrong direction around Elm and Beers streets. The at-fault bicyclist suffered serious injuries in the incident.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Claims in New Haven

Biking and walking are good for the environment and for personal health, but these activities come with their own set of risks in New Haven. If you routinely walk or bike in the area, use extreme caution around crosswalks and along sidewalks during high-traffic times. Drivers and others on the roadways can act unexpectedly and put your life at risk.

At Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., we handle all types of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the New Haven area. Whether an accident happens on one of the city’s most dangerous roads or in the parking lot of a popular store, we will use all the resources at our disposal to protect your rights. In addition to pursuing your legal claim, we will help you find high-quality medical care in the area and negotiate with bill collectors on your behalf. While you focus on the recovery process, we’ll take care of pressing legal matters.

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