New Haven stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other places owe their visitors a certain duty of care. They are responsible for warning people of known hazards, adequately addressing them, and properly maintaining their properties. When property owners fail to meet these duties and legal invitees or licensees suffer, the owner or operator may face legal liability for resulting injuries.

Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C. helps locals pursue claims against property owners and operators in New Haven. We can help you find qualified medical care, negotiate with bill collectors, and protect your right to recovery under Connecticut laws.

Overview of Popular Premises in New Haven

New Haven underwent a major revitalization push in 2000 that continues to this day. The city features award-winning eateries, popular boutiques, mixed-use spaces, and many other unique and frequented destinations. Some of the most popular destination types and liability risks include:

  • Grocery stores. Elm City Market, Aldi, and Ferraro’s Market are weekly staples for those who prefer to cook at home most days. While fresh foods bring people in, slippery floors, improperly maintained shelves, and dangerous displays can pose injury risks to shoppers.
  • Restaurants. From the soul food at Sandra’s Next Generation to the Spanish tapas at the Barcelona Wine Bar, this historic city features local and chain restaurants for every palate. In budget eateries and high-end restaurants alike, weak patio railings, wet bathroom floors, and improperly secured parking areas can all contribute to serious injuries.
  • Retail stores. New Haven’s Broadway District and the Chapel Street Historic District bring shoppers out in droves on weekends. In retail stores, slick floors in inclement weather, poorly built clothing racks, and negligent security may contribute to a premises liability claim.
  • Event Venues and points of interest. Many people come to New Haven to tour Yale, to stroll through the New Haven Museum, or to catch a performance at the Shubert Theater. Injury risks in these points of interest range from slick floors to improperly maintained elevators.

The majority of New Haven’s property owners and operators take great pains to ensure a safe environment for all their guests. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. In addition to the common contributing factors listed above, slick exposed electrical systems, poor fire safety, and other exposed hazards may factor into a premises liability claim. Construction sites are also an ordinary spot for injury for both workers and non-workers. Construction site accidents are considered premise liability claims and typically involve the failure of the contractor or landowner to maintain the area in a safe matter. A construction accident lawyer should be contacted if you received injuries or damages from a construction accident.

Slip and Fall Injuries in New Haven

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and are the most common reasons for premises liability claims. These accidents occur when proprietors fail to recognize and address spills and slick surfaces in a reasonable manner. For example, store managers should place non-slip mats at the entrance of stores to prevent shoppers from tracking in moisture from outside and creating a hazard.

A slip and fall accident can lead to a broken hip, a traumatic brain injury, or other serious injuries. Many people associate fall accidents with bruised knees and scrapes, but these incidents can produce any number of severe and life-altering injuries. If the property owner knew about or should have known about the reason for your fall, he or she may be liable for the consequences.

Your New Haven Premises Liability Lawyers

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