Personal injuries can happen anywhere, anytime. However, hiring the right attorney after your injury can have a significant impact on your recovery. At Harlow, Friedman & Adams, P.C., our Bridgeport personal injury lawyers have served the local community with outstanding legal services for more than 40 years. We know the legal system in Bridgeport front and back, and we can help local plaintiffs take on the court system with confidence. We are your local source for everything you need to know about your recent personal injury.


Personal Injury Claims in Bridgeport

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut and the fifth most populous city in all of New England. There are five geographical areas of Bridgeport: Downtown, East Side, West Side, North End, and South End. Directly after a personal injury, you first need to visit the nearest hospital. The Bridgeport Hospital on 267 Grant Street acts as the nearest general hospital for most citizens. St. Vincent’s ER, Medical Center, and Urgent Care Center are Catholic hospitals off Main Street.

Filing a personal injury claim comes with specific requirements. There is a statute of limitations, or deadline for filing, that pertains to all personal injury claims in Connecticut. You have two years from the date of your accident or the discovery of your injury to file your claim if your injuries happened due to negligent, reckless, or wanton conduct. You have a maximum of three years to file for an intentional wrong or tort against you.

If you find yourself in need of a courthouse in Bridgeport after a personal injury accident, you will likely need to visit the historic district of the city. This is where most of the courthouses exist. You will need to go to the judicial district courts for serious civil claims and a geographical area (GA) court for more minor claims, or those worth $5,000 or less. The Bridgeport Courthouse, located at 172 Golden Hill Street, hears minor criminal cases, small claims, and traffic violations.

For injury or property damage claims worth more than $5,000, the appropriate courthouse would be the Fairfield Judicial District Courthouse, located at 1061 Main Street in Bridgeport. The Brien McMahon Federal Building on Lafayette Boulevard only hears federal cases. If you aren’t sure which courthouse to file your claim, talk to a lawyer. Before you visit the courthouse on your own to file a claim, visit our law office for a consultation. The filing process is much easier with help from an attorney.

Common Types of Bridgeport Personal Injury Accidents

We’ve come to recognize some of the most common accidents in the area during our years serving Connecticut personal injury clients. Contact us after any type of incident that leaves you with personal injuries or property damage – either common or uncommon. Here are the most frequent reasons to seek counsel from an injury attorney:

  • Car accidents. Bridgeport recorded 21,144 total car accidents from April 2015 to April 2018. Thirty-one of these accidents were fatal, 177 involved motorcyclists, and 491 involved pedestrians. Auto accidents are some of the most common reasons people seek help from our car accident lawyers in Bridgeport for legal representation.
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents. This is a common category of premises liability lawsuit, in which a property owner fails to free a property from all fall hazards, such as slippery floors and unsafe staircases. The landowner might be liable for these accidents if he or she doesn’t take reasonable care to prevent them.
  • Workplace accidents. Injuries at work might give you more than just the right to file a workers’ compensation claim; you may be eligible for greater financial recovery using a personal injury lawsuit in Bridgeport. If you suffered a serious or catastrophic injury at work, contact a lawyer to discuss your rights.
  • Product liability accidents. Defective and dangerous consumer products often cause injuries and deaths. Defective children’s toys, playground equipment, auto parts, medical devices, medications, and other items can all cause undue injuries to unsuspecting consumers. Manufacturers can be strictly liable for these incidents.
  • Wrongful death. The death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is a civil claim similar in nature to a personal injury claim. Find out if you have the right to seek damages for a loved one’s fatal personal injury accident in Connecticut during a free legal consultation with our Bridgeport wrongful death attorneys.

Our attorneys have experience across a wide range of personal injury case types, from dog bites and swimming pool accidents to defective products. We can help you seek justice and compensation regardless of who or what caused your injuries in Bridgeport. Don’t hesitate to contact us after any kind of accident, injury, or the death of a loved one. We have the legal services and personal attention you’re seeking.

How to Prove Negligence

The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits hinge on the claimant’s ability to prove the defendant’s negligence. Negligence refers to any action or failure to act that falls outside the realm of the defendant’s duties of care to the claimant. Distracted driving is an example of negligence. Proving negligence is no small task, but a lawyer’s assistance can help you focus on recovering while someone else takes care of the legalities of your claim.

To prove someone else’s caused your accident and injuries, you will need to show evidence that the defendant owed you a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused your accident. Evidence can include photos from the scene, eyewitness statements, expert testimony, medical records, and police reports. Our attorney can help you collect this information and build a strong case against the defendant. We believe in aggressive litigation during the quest for justice and will do what is necessary to maximize your compensation.

Whether a doctor, driver, property owner, product manufacturer, coworker, employer, or the government caused your recent personal injuries in Bridgeport, Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., can help. We know the best practices to utilize for your burden of proving someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intent to harm. In some cases, we may even be able to secure punitive damages by proving gross negligence or malicious intent. Find out how we can help you during a free consultation.

Your Rights as an Injured Party in Bridgeport

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, our Bridgeport personal injury attorneys can ease your burden. We’ll deal with the insurance company, advocate on your behalf and even help take care of medical bills. As the victim of a personal injury accident in Connecticut, you can lean on our local lawyers and we don’t charge a fee unless we win your case. You have to right to speak with an attorney, hear your options, and seek compensation through whatever means is most appropriate. Contact our firm for a free and confidential consultation today.