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  • Commercial Real Estate
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Real estate law covers all statutes, disputes, and official processes involved in the real estate industry. This can include creating legal descriptions of real property, mediating real estate transactions, and settling land use and zoning issues. Our Bridgeport real estate lawyers can facilitate real estate sales, purchases, rental property agreements, claim settlements, property development issues, home loans, foreclosures, and a variety of other real estate services. We understand the federal and Connecticut state laws that may come into play during these transactions and can help you easily navigate them.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate services include buying and selling business properties (including office buildings, industrial facilities, hospitals, hotels, malls, and retail stores), as well as litigating related issues such as commercial property taxes, investments, depreciation, defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies, brokering, agreements, property contracts, city permits, vendor contracts, business ownership changes, and asset management.

We have the experience you need to effortlessly handle all types of commercial real estate transactions and issues in Connecticut. Consult with us before you engage in any commercial real estate deal. Use our free case evaluation offer to learn your rights and get professional counsel from a trustworthy real estate attorney in Bridgeport. You could learn something that completely changes the way you look at your deal or investment.

Land Use And Zoning

Looking to develop real estate in Bridgeport? You need an attorney to help you negotiate land-use regulation laws, including zoning restrictions. The municipality uses zoning to control the types of properties built in certain areas of Connecticut. Zoning regulations split urban areas into residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Within each zone, additional requirements exist to restrict things such as building size, utility line locations, property boundaries, numbers of rooms, and more.

Our lawyers can step seamlessly into any real estate project in Bridgeport, understanding and navigate the applicable zone and land use laws on your behalf. We’ll make sure you don’t make a mistake that could cost thousands of dollars in repairs and backtracking. Whether you want to build in a historic district or start a new industrial facility, our attorneys can tell you everything you need to know to stay within the bounds of the law.

Residential Real Estate

Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., excels in residential real estate law, evaluating individual needs and coming up with personalized solutions for each client. We can help you purchase your dream home in Bridgeport, or sell a house for a desirable price, according to all applicable real estate transaction laws. Our firm can draw up residential real estate paperwork, contracts, and official documents in no time.

Our estates’ attorneys in Bridgeport can also check into many different aspects of residential real estate dealings on your behalf, including issues relating to liens, foreclosures, bankruptcy, real property interests, home inspections, titles, deeds, estate plans, and more. Contact us for assistance, regardless of the residential real estate issue with which you’re struggling. We’ll clear the issue up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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 Real estate attorneys can be an incredible asset to you during any type of transaction. Whether you need a lawyer’s eagle eye to peruse sales paperwork or you need to settle a deed or will transaction amongst family members, we can help. Harlow, Adams & Friedman, P.C., is happy to provide services to firms, families, individuals, and business owners throughout Connecticut, from our convenient downtown Milford location. We have everything you need for real estate services, all in one place.

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