Client Review: “Highly recommend”

I have known Jim Nugent for approximately 2 years .   I met him on a consultation he had with my daughter and after that I decided to hire him for my legal issues.

From the very beginning I have found Jim to be honest ethical confidential and responsible.   He always took my call whether he had to return it or get on the phone right away.   He was always available to me.   He has represented me extremely competently and zealously.

He is the best lawyer that I ever had ! He has always used ethical and moral conduct in his dealings.

The bottom line is that I trust Jim Nugent and this is most important when dealing with an attorney.   He has always told me the truth whether it was good or bad.   He is a great communicator and very easy to talk to.   I highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal counsel .  He truly is a great attorney!


Rich F.