Client Review: I’m very happy with the service Jim Nugent has provided us in this case.

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I’m very happy with the service Jim Nugent has provided us in this case. He was clear in his explanations, he never gave us a sense of false hope. We knew were we stood in our case through out even as it has changed. I wish the case turned out better but that has nothing to do with Jim and his representation for us.

Here is a list of reasons why I use your firm and Jim:

  • Jim is aggressive and confident is his approach and that gives me a confidence in my decision making knowing I have him behind me.

  • Jim always tells me what I need to hear and not what I would like to hear. I may not always like it but at least I know what I need to do.

  • Jim is fair in his billing. Though we never like to spend money on attorneys (sorry its true) I think Jim does a good job for what we pay.

  • ┬áJim always response quickly to phone calls or emails.

  • Your firm has been flexible in our payments. We have spent a lot of money over the last few years and without that flexibility it would have been hard to get through it.

Improvement or just a con, and I don’t like to word it that way but when I do these types of feedbacks with my customers I want to know what we need to do better and like I said your firm has done a great job in helping my businesses and family navigate the past four years, which have been rough.

On collections from customers who owe us money, past attorneys I have used have been able to collect on limited paper back up but with that said Jim success is probably because he requires a lot of paper support. So not sure if its a con or a pro.

I would and have recommended Jim and your firm to anyone who asks. I look forward to future business albeit in a positive way hopefully moving forward.

Bruno S.