Employment Planning and Disputes

At our firm, we have a long history of representing both individuals and businesses. Over the last twenty years, employment disputes have become commonplace in our courts and administrative agencies. We represent employees who have been treated in a retaliatory or discriminatory manner by their employers. We have successfully represented clients in cases involving sexual harassment, age or disability discrimination, retaliation for reporting wrongdoing, and breach of contract. We have regularly represented our clients in Connecticut’s state and federal courts, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Department of Labor. We also represent individuals with claims for workplace related personal injuries, including those brought in the Workers Compensation Commission.

We also work with our business clients to take proactive action to avoid the need to defend claims by employees. Our experience in representing employees has provided us with valuable insight into those areas of your operation that are most likely to produce legal disputes. We provide assistance in drafting and reviewing employment handbooks and policies, consulting with management on human relations issues, and investigation of employee complaints. We regularly assist our clients in all aspects of employment: drafting employment and non-compete agreements; assisting with grievances or complaints; and assisting clients in effectively terminating an employee who is no longer contributing to the business. Where a dispute has already reached the litigation stage, we provide diligent and cost-effective representation of your company.

At Harlow Adams & Friedman, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in the many areas of employment law.