Payroll Records Employers Must Provide

Connecticut law is clear that when an employee is paid their wages, a Connecticut employer must provide specific documentation to the employee regarding such wages, and can only alter those requirements with the employee’s consent. An employer’s responsibilities are outlined under Connecticut General Statute Section 31-13a.

Under Connecticut law, with each wage payment, each employer shall furnish to each employee, in writing or with the employee’s explicit consent, electronically, a record of hours worked, the gross earnings showing straight time and overtime as separate entries, itemized deductions and net earnings. However, an exception exists in that the furnishing of a record of hours worked and the separation of straight time and overtime earnings shall not apply in the case of any employee with respect to whom the employer is specifically exempt from the keeping of time records and the payment of overtime under the Connecticut Minimum Wage Act or the Fair Labor Standards Act.

If the record of hours is furnished electronically with the employee’s consent, the employer has additional responsibilities in that they shall provide a means for each employee to securely, privately and conveniently access and print such records. Along with this access, the employer must incorporate reasonable safeguards regarding any information contained in the record furnished electronically to protect the confidentiality of an employee’s personal information.

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