Probate Administration and Litigation

Whether you are executor/executrix of a large or small estate, our team of experienced lawyers is ready to provide you the assistance you need to navigate this process.

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of estate planning matters, will contests and other probate issues. We can guide you through the probate process from beginning to end to assure that your loved one’s estate is effectively and timely opened, administered, and closed.

We take the time to assure that you understand the probate process and what is required of you as an executor/executrix, or what your rights are as an heir or interested person. Our goal is to have the probate process go as smoothly and effectively as possible for you and you loved one. Should problems arise, our litigation attorneys are experienced in probate litigation and handle any and all matters related to probate litigation, including will or trust contests, breach of fiduciary duty claims, undue influence of lack of capacity challenges, and heir litigation. While we seek to avoid the costs and delay of litigation when possible, we always keep our clients’ rights and goals in mind when determining the best course of action.

We are experienced in representing executors/executrixes as neutral probate administrators, as well as will proponents or contestants. We are experienced with the probate process and appeared in many probate courts throughout the state.

Probate litigation issues which frequently arise include:

  • Contesting of validity of a will
  • Contesting exclusion from a will
  • Claim of undue influence of lack of capacity
  • Breach of fiduciary duty of executor/executrix
  • Trust disputes
  • Missing will

No matter what your probate issue, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to effectively assist you in reaching your goal.