William Blake recovers substantial Six Figure Sum for Heirs removed from Will and Trust.

20130927-AMB_8731-2-1As our friends and loved ones age, they sometimes suffer from physical or mental issues that make them vulnerable to the unscrupulous. We have assisted clients in situations where their loved ones, while in a frail and vulnerable condition, have changed their wills or trusts. Instead of leaving property to family or friends, the new will leaves all or most of the decedent’s property to someone who has no relationship or history with the elderly person. Bill Blake recently assisted the family of an impaired, elderly loved one to recover a six figure sum from a caregiver who was made the beneficiary of their late relative’s estate late in her life. If you believe the wishes of a late relative were not reflected in their final will or trust, we will be happy to discuss your options in challenging the will or trust.